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Chubasco Boomslang

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Registered Name: Chubasco Boomslang
Breeder: Jo-Ann Van Arsdale
Kennel: Chubasco
Sire: Jen Araby Abu Mu'Awiya
Dam: Chubasco Oothoon
Call Name: Boomslang
Sex: female
Date of Birth: 11 SEP 1989
Date of Death:
Land of Birth: USA
Land of Standing:
Colour: Red
Distinguishing Features: smooth
Titles: Am Ch, CC, CM
COI 5 gen: 17.578%     Calculate COI again
Registration#: HD806645
Chubasco Swing Street

Known offspring:
Chubasco Boomerang
Chubasco Boomtown
Chubasco Coolit
Chubasco Harpoon
Chubasco Hoodini
Chubasco Hoopla
Chubasco Hotfoot II
Chubasco Koochikoo
Chubasco Oouiz Bang
Chubasco Sambooca
Chubasco Slangdoo
Chubasco Slooth
Chubasco Soodan
Chubasco Sosoome
Chubasco Toot Suite
Chubasco Zuloo
Pedigree Analysis:
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Chubasco Boomslang

Jen Araby Abu Mu'Awiya

Jen Araby Abd Kaiba
Jen Araby Aravnah

Jen Araby Mizar

Jen Araby Al Kamar

Jen Araby al Dahna

Jen Araby Ma'at Mahal
Chubasco Oothoon

Jen Araby Karim Bey

Jen Araby Jurwadi Bey

Jen Araby Mumtaz Mahal
Chubasco Olympia

Jen Araby Karim Bey
Sedeki Dunishk